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Retrospect is an advanced social platform which keeps memories. Everyone has at least one memory. We leave behind these memories as the day goes on. The goal of this project is to save and share the memories of user in pretty, pure and enjoyable view. On the other hand, Retrospect has a lot of interesting features. Some of them are creating point memories at specific location, radar search view to find closest walls and memories, the memory tags below the memory picture. All these features provide user detailed sharing and can socialize with other users

User Actions

The users can create, share and receive a memory. The users can tag their memories and send their friend publicly or privately. The users also can put a memory on the virtual walls. The virtual walls can be founded by the users. The wall memories can be seen in publicly. The memories or walls can be viewed in maps. The users can view their memories on maps without any restrict radius value. The walls can be seen on maps with 1 to 10 km radius restriction. The users can view their memories in different ways; on maps, in list or in grid view. The walls have profiles and theirs photos seen different views. The users received a notification when their friends tag them or l a memory for them. The users can view a direct memory when they reached the location where is the direct memory left by their friends.


This senior project gives us an idea to integrate the memories of people with an Android application. Every people has memories. On the other hand, the memory should have a location, an emotion and a user which has same memory. Our aim in this project was keeping memories in beautiful interface. Retrospect was developed and tested at certain times. The application was tested by both developers and the users. The test results indicate that the application works properly. Our goal is putting this application to Google Play Store. You can follow us from our website. Check it out the QR Code below this section.


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